NERDY: Seattle
NERDY: Seattle
NERDY: Seattle
NERDY: Seattle
NERDY: Seattle

NERDY: Seattle

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STICKS + STONES Collection
in multi color with forest green

Luxurious layers of natural organic silk in a versatile 20” x 67” scarf. Incredibly soft on the skin, and easy to wear. Original LILLAGREN fabric designs, handcrafted into sturdy yet delicate usable art. Vivid images of Seattle (William H. Gates Hall, Northeast Seattle, Hiram M. Chittenden Locks) and subtle handwriting. Name-calling redefined with the power of being NERDY

Nerdy is wise. Nerdy is intelligently searching for the truth. To be nerdy is to learn with observation and thought. With deep desire to understand the world, nerdy is the sage.

• 100% natural/organic silk crepe de Chine
• 20 x 67 inches finished size
• individually crafted using two uniquely designed layers of silk
• finished with hand-sewn ends
• original LILLAGREN fabric designs are digitally printed with non-toxic inks
• digital printing creates less waste of fabric, water and electricity than conventional textile printing
• printed in the U.S.
• made in Seattle
• art and images: Jeanine Matthews
• product photos: Robin Lorenzini Photography and Jeanine Matthews

The natural fibers of silk respond to heat, cold and moisture. Hand wash in cool water with a gentle cleanser; rinse well; roll flat between towels to remove excess water; hang or lay flat to air dry; use a steamer or iron as needed
Traditional dry-cleaning is not recommended. Some chemicals will fade and discolor digitally printed designs. Green dry-cleaning has been suggested, though LILLAGREN scarves have not been tested.