These messages appear on booth signage:

MAKE THE DETAILS MATTER. Notice things. Appreciate beauty in the little moments. Be informed. It’s a sentiment, a directive, and a brand purpose.

With the scarves, it’s about details… what makes the story, what calls our attention and draws us in. WHAT IS THE STORY THAT YOU WANT TO TELL

In the spirit of BUYING BETTER, BUYING LESS, the scarves are made to last, with two layers of silk and hand-stitched ends. Designed to be usable art that can be handwashed at home, they are perfect for a more sustainable wardrobe.

All of the images begin with a place, as part of a story somewhere. I use my PHOTOGRAPHY of city and plant elements to create fabric designs for the scarves. I see beauty in details, and share them with silk. Everything is designed and sewn in Seattle.

Natural and organic pure silk, biodegradable non-toxic ink, organic cotton/natural rubber ties, and a switch to silk thread in early 2022, means that all products are made with BIODEGRADABLE materials. Everything can be broken down naturally. That’s it.

Product info:

• All the scarves and accessories are silk crepe de Chine, considered to be the most durable of cultivated silks.
• The newer scarves are 100% natural/organic silk crepe de Chine. 
• Scarves are made with two layers of original fabric with hand stitched ends.
•Collections have grown to include accent ties, pocket squares and small bags made from repurposed scarf fabric tests and scrap.
• Every LILLAGREN accessory is digitally printed with non-toxic, biodegradable inks, (meeting Oeko-Tex Standard 100 GOTS—Global Organic Textile Standard—V3.0).
• The digital printing process uses less water, electricity, fabric and ink than traditional textile printing.
All products are printed in small batches in the US
Everything is designed and hand sewn in Seattle.

About me:

As the creative force of Lillagren, I am inspired by smart design and slow fashion. I see beauty in details, and use my photographs of city and plant elements in original fabric designs for scarves and accessories. I want to capture bits of the character of a place; what draws me in, what makes a story.

Lillagren grew out of my interests in photography, textiles and sustainable fashion, combined with my professional creative experience. I am a big supporter of efforts to buy better and buy less. Lillagren and the scarves are created in this spirit—sturdy, using less harmful and more sustainable methods and materials. Everything I make is with intention. At every turn and step, I strive to make the details matter.