Music for inspiration, creativity, and simply being. Enjoy these Spotify playlists for some familiar tunes, and to explore some new ones. (Click on a cover image to jump into a playlist).

April 8-track, 2024 playlist: Soundtrack of a 70’s childhood
March more, 2024 playlist: mixtape with an eclectic botanical theme
February fill, 2024 playlist: great mix of jazz and something like it--heavy on the Louis (Armstrong).
January awakening, 2024 playlist: a light mix of Danish folk and American bluegrass
December being playlist December being, 2023 playlist: holiday favorites - old and new
November playlist November overtone, 2023 playlist: classical music selections for wordless wondering
October playlist
October exposure, 2023 playlist: tunes for city walking
September sweet, 2023 playlist: soundtrack for the change of seasons and moods
August eighty, 2023 playlist: summer road trip tunes, named for stretches of 80mph Utah roads.
July celebration, 2023 playlist: red, white + blue summer music
June vibe, 2023 playlist: summer poolside vibe, across language, genre and time

May BE, 2023 playlist: Walking in New York City

April in action, 2023 playlist: Favorite running music. Mixed over decades for beat and amusement.

March ensemble, 2023 playlist: it started as jazz and blues

February light, 2023 playlist: some kind of love songs, in light and silhouettes

January story, 2023 playlist: how to wake up on a winter morning


December being playlist: holiday favorites - old and new

November vantage, 2022 playlist: Inspired collection of early/mid-80s alt dance music

October mood playlist: slow down and cozy up; music for a fall mood

September savory playlist: a small serving of music; a taste sensation

Sounds of Reflection: Pondering, considering, or entertaining that next idea. Guest playlist by Isadora Matthews

Sounds of Inclusion: Tough, protective, malleable and embracing. Guest playlist by Arabella Matthews

Sounds of Preservation: Structure and change for safekeeping. Guest playlist by Buddy Fisher

August groove playlist: sounds like the 1970s

July intermission playlist: Good tunes for a little summer getaway

June buggy playlist: Summer driving or walking music with some groovy beats

May mixtape playlist: Inspired by a 2004 compilation. For the radiant centers and murky corners

April balance playlist: Favorite running music. Mixed over decades for beat and enjoyment

March distraction playlist: A light mix of Danish Folk and American Bluegrass

February forward playlist: Good listening: Orville Peck collection + Yo-Yo Ma, Notes for the Future

January present playlist: Post-holiday uplift

December being playlist: Holiday favorites - old and new

November making playlist: A creative mood boost