Collection: ELEMENTS Collection

The Elements Collection features five scarves of bold, patterned silk. They are versatile and usable art. ELEMENTS designs are illustrated details of everyday surroundings. Each is a single image, from a single location. Elements of character, common elements, or elements of surprise.

This collection is a little different.

The other collections of Lillagren scarves are based upon cities and places--created from personal travel photography. After two years without travel, this collection turns the focus closer to home, to the things you see on a walk or a run. Noticing the details of single elements from where you are.

These scarves are luxurious, yet also casual accessories; supporting efforts to buy better and buy less. Handmade from small custom fabric runs of organic silk crepe de Chine, the scarf designs are naturally-occurring patterns based on original photographs. Each scarf is made with two layers of silk, sewn with silk thread and hand-stitched ends. As always, the fabric is created in the US with bio-degradable, non-toxic inks; the scarves are designed and sewn in Seattle.