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Make the Details Matter. It’s a sentiment, a directive, a brand purpose. Notice things. Appreciate beauty in the little moments. Be informed. With LILLAGREN, everything is about making the details matter.

This means creating accessories that are both beautiful and useful. It is the way I design fabrics, research materials, and individually sew each product. It is why I continue to seek more sustainable resources and production. I believe that what we choose to wear, and how those items come to be, are not details to be taken lightly.


Hi, I'm Jeanine Matthews. As the creative force of LILLAGREN, I am inspired by smart design and slow fashion. I see beauty in details, and use my photographs of city and plant elements in original fabric designs and accessories. I founded Lillagren in 2015, merging interests in photography, textiles and sustainable fashion with my professional creative expertise. I have decades of design experience in leadership, collaborative and entrepreneurial positions. I hold a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington and a Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design.

With Lillagren, I wanted to capture bits of the character of a place; what draws me in, what makes a story. Using the old sewing machine I learned on as a kid, I began to create and experiment with fabrics and printing and left-handed hemmed edges. I set out to make accessories that I would wear and that felt meaningful. To me, a scarf can be a simple way to maximize a wardrobe, to add options, color and texture.

I'm a big supporter of efforts to buy better and buy less; valuing thoughtful decisions about what we wear and what type of businesses we support. Lillagren and the scarves are created in this spirit--sturdy and usable art made with intention, using less harmful and more sustainable methods and materials. At every turn and step, I strive to make the details matter.



Storied Silk. Scarves that capture a glimpse of a place, expressed in distinctive images and words.

The ELEMENTS Collection is bold, patterned organic silk. These scarves feature illustrated details of everyday surroundings. Each scarf design is a single image from a single location. Fabric designs are based on original photographs.

The STICKS + STONES Collection features vivid designs from original images of city details. Each scarf has two designs in natural or organic silk. Enhanced with subtle messages redefining name-calling words, each scarf expresses a unique mood. 

The CITIES + PLACES Collection features designs with characteristics of a favorite location in lush colors on silk crepe de Chine. Each scarf tells a tale with urban and botanical images, based on original photos, enhanced with poetic writing.

LILLAGREN scarves are versatile, usable art. Every scarf is made with two layers of 100% silk crepe de Chine. This natural material is ideal for both coolness and warmth, and considered to be the most durable of the cultivated silks. Small batches of fabric are created in the US with bio-degradable, non-toxic inks and a digital process that uses less water, electricity and fabric than conventional textile printing. Every scarf is designed and hand-sewn in Seattle, Washington.


Make the Details Matter.

ˈli-lə gren (n.) Lilac branch. From Danish lilla and gren. Represents sturdiness and beauty. Named in honor of an old white lilac bush and Danish heritage. LILLAGREN products are made in Seattle, Washington.

LILLAGREN is a proud member of Seattle Made and Common Objective.

An initiative to grow and support our local urban manufacturing and producer economy.

Common Objective (CO): an intelligent business network for the fashion industry. Matching members to work in the most sustainable way.